HUGO has reached an amazing milestone – 20 000 customers

HUGO has climbed over the magic line of 20 000 customers now! That means 20 000 successful matches between clients and customers in Estonia alone! And with that happy announcement we feel so excited to land in Poland anytime soon now!

For too long, justice has been a luxury commodity for most of the people. Legal help has been unobtainable for many due to its price. In Estonia, the average hourly rate for lawyer is 120€, while in, hourly rate ranges from 30 to 60€. This is achieved through the help of AI and sharing economy principles that make providing legal services much more efficient. With HUGO, lawyers can save time on administrative tasks while HUGO also takes care of marketing side, thus lawyers can focus their work on clients’ cases, increasing billable hours.

Soon, all this will be possible in Poland too. HUGO’s mission is to make legal help obtainable for everyone and soon, Poland will be one step closer to that!